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    Man holding a floorboard as he is reflooring a hardwood floor at Preferred Flooring near Breese, IL

    Signs It’s Time to Consider Reflooring Your Home

    Reflooring your home can be a big decision. If you’re thinking about it but are unsure if it’s time, there are several signs that it’s time for a change, like carpet damage and squeaky floors. At Preferred Flooring in Breese, Illinois, we can pair you with carpeting, laminate, hardwood, and tile flooring to make your...
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    Wood vinyl flooring and white carpet flooring laid next to each other at Preferred Flooring near Breese, IL

    Carpet vs. Vinyl Plank Flooring

    Selecting carpet vs. vinyl plank flooring can be a challenge. It requires assessing your needs, lifestyle, budget, and the rooms where the flooring will go. We can help you assess which flooring would be best for your needs and choose the best fit for you.  Preferred Flooring carries top vinyl plank flooring and carpet brands...
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    Person installing laminate flooring panels at Preferred Flooring near Breese, IL

    How to Replace Carpet with Laminate Flooring

    Replacing carpet with laminate flooring is much easier than it may sound. While it still is a project that will take some time, planning, and elbow grease, it is quite straightforward and much simpler than you might imagine.  It’s a beautiful way to renovate your home and is a great choice, particularly if you are...
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    Person laying down a strip of Vinyl Plank Flooring at Preferred Flooring near Breese, IL

    Vinyl Plank vs. Hardwood Flooring

    When you’re looking to remodel or change the flooring in your home, weighing vinyl plank vs. hardwood flooring can be a troublesome conundrum, leaving you wondering which choice you really want. If you’re looking for vinyl plank flooring or hardwood flooring near Breese, Illinois, Preferred Flooring is here to help. We carry hardwood and viny...
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    Spacious home living room with warm brown wooden panel vinyl flooring near Breese, IL

    Winter Colors for Vinyl Plank Flooring

    As winter’s chill closes in, warm up your home with vinyl plank flooring colors that are perfect for winter. Winter is the ideal time to settle in with some indoor home renovations. Not only will your holiday guests love the changes, but you’ll be able to enjoy them all year long. When it’s time to...
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    residential basement with tan carpet flooring and light blue walls near Breese, IL

    Best Flooring for Your Finished Basement

    So, you have just finished your basement, but it still needs something other than cold, hard concrete for its floors. But what kind of flooring do you choose? There are all kinds of things to consider when choosing flooring for your basement, and At Preferred Flooring in Breese, IL, we can help you find comfortable...
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    Dog sleeping on fur placed on top of wood paneled flooring near Breese, IL

    Best Flooring Choices for Dogs

    If you have a dog in the family, you’re probably aware of the toll that they can take on your home, and especially your floor. Hair, dirt, mud, and claws all can take a toll on your floors. Taking all of this into account, you’ll want to choose the right flooring for your pet that...
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    Various strips of different kinds of laminate flooring stacked on each other near Breese, IL

    4 Reasons to Replace Your Laminate Flooring

    Laminate is a sturdy and attractive flooring option, but things can still happen to it. From gradual wear and tear to accidents to simply falling out of your favor, if you think your laminate flooring needs to be replaced, you’ve come to the right place! Check out these four reasons to replace your laminate flooring....
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    Wood floor with water damage near Breese Illinois (IL)

    4 Signs Your Wood Floor has Water Damage

    Broken pipes, leaking water heaters, and overflowing toilets all have the potential to cause water damage to your wood floor. Water damage can diminish the appearance of your floors, but it can also cause electrical problems, health hazards, and a need to replace your subfloor. Be on the lookout for signs your wood floor has...
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    Stick vacuum being run over a white carpet

    4 Best Tips for Carpet Maintenance

    Your new carpet looks fantastic, you love the feel of it on your toes, and it has completely transformed the room’s look. But how do you keep it looking fresh and new? At Preferred Flooring in Breese, IL, we believe that carpet flooring is for everyone, and we want you to be able to care...
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    A Person polishing their home’s wooden flooring

    Tips for Making Your Hardwood Floors Shine

    Hardwood floors are a thing of beauty. They add instant elegance to any space, and they look warm and luxurious… until they’re scratched and dull. Pets, dust, and dragging furniture can all detract from the appearance of your hardwood floors. But they don’t have to, and there are many things you can do to restore...
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    Person ripping up old blue carpet near Breese Illinois (IL)

    6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Carpet

    Carpet can make your home beautiful and inviting – until it’s time to replace it. Even a carpet that receives the best care eventually reaches a point where it can’t be salvaged. When that happens, replace it with new flooring from Preferred Flooring. We proudly serve the Breese, IL, area and carry a wide array...
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    Person mopping a tile floor near Breese, Illinois (IL)

    How to Clean Your Tile Flooring

    Tile floors are a beautiful addition to any home. They keep your house looking clean and stylish, but that changes when your tile gets dirty. Keeping it clean is essential not only for your home’s appearance but for your health too. Tile isn’t like carpeting or hardwood floors; it needs special care and cleaning techniques...
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    Person cleaning tile floor with a steam mop near Breese, Illinois (IL)

    Three Tips for Taking Care of Tile Flooring

    If you’re looking for a durable and stylish flooring option, tile is an excellent choice. It’s easy to clean, keeps your home clean and tidy, and is even better at resisting stains than most other types of flooring. But as any homeowner will attest, cleaning tile floors can be challenging! Here are three tips to...
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    Person mopping the laminate flooring in their home

    Tips for Taking Care of Your Laminate Flooring

    Laminate flooring is a durable and attractive alternative to higher-maintenance flooring options. It’s available in many colors and styles, so you can easily find laminate matching your home and tastes. Plus, it’s easy to install, making it a great choice to upgrade your home’s décor without spending too much time or money on main...
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    Hardwood flooring from Preferred Flooring, full-service flooring, vinyl floors, laminate near Breese Illinois (IL)

    Common Problems with Floors (and how to prevent them)

    We’ve all had it happen; you stand up from your chair a bit too quickly and tip the chair over…resulting in a large, unsightly scratch on your otherwise-perfect floors. Some floors are more durable than others, but because we rely on them every day, all the floors in your home are prone to scratches, dents,...
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    Kitchen porcelain tile floors, full-service flooring, 618 vinyl, flooring near Breese Illinois (IL)

    The Best Flooring for The Whole House in Breese, Illinois

    As home improvement technologies become more advanced, deciding if the traditional interior design guidelines still apply can be challenging. Flooring is a fantastic example of this. With so many popular flooring styles looking better than ever, plus being more water- and weather-proof than ever before, are the old recommendations for which style f...
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    Vinyl flooring being cleaned

    4 Things to Know to Take Care of Vinyl Flooring

    Vinyl flooring is a flexible and beautiful flooring solution that many people have decided to incorporate into their homes. It is a fantastic choice for many reasons, but taking care of vinyl flooring can be different than taking care of other floorings. To best ensure that you can adequately take care of your vinyl flooring...
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    Premium plush carpeting, full service flooring, radiant floor heating from Preferred Flooring near Breese, Illinois (IL)

    How to Warm Up Cold Floors near Breese, Illinois

    Autumn is officially here! Leaves are starting to change, Halloween is right around the corner, and your slippers save you from braving the cold floor. Lower temperatures don’t have to make your home just as chilly! Warm up your home from the ground up with these tips. Cold Feet Love Carpet Carpeting can get a...
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    Luxury vinyl floors, full-service flooring, durable floor, best floors for pets near Breese, Illinois (IL)

    Choosing the Best Floors for Your Pet: Full-Service Flooring at Preferred Flooring

    We love our pets, but sometimes our preferred flooring option is just not the best choice for our four-legged family members. Pet parents must consider durable floors that will outlast years of scratches, stains, and odors. From our team at Preferred Flooring, here are some of our suggestions, plus ways to keep your floors looking...