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    Vinyl flooring being cleaned

    4 Things to Know to Take Care of Vinyl Flooring

    Vinyl flooring is a flexible and beautiful flooring solution that many people have decided to incorporate into their homes. It is a fantastic choice for many reasons, but taking care of vinyl flooring can be different than taking care of other floorings. To best ensure that you can adequately take care of your vinyl flooring...
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    Premium plush carpeting, full service flooring, radiant floor heating from Preferred Flooring near Breese, Illinois (IL)

    How to Warm Up Cold Floors near Breese, Illinois

    Autumn is officially here! Leaves are starting to change, Halloween is right around the corner, and your slippers save you from braving the cold floor. Lower temperatures don’t have to make your home just as chilly! Warm up your home from the ground up with these tips. Cold Feet Love Carpet Carpeting can get a...
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    Luxury vinyl floors, full-service flooring, durable floor, best floors for pets near Breese, Illinois (IL)

    Choosing the Best Floors for Your Pet: Full-Service Flooring at Preferred Flooring

    We love our pets, but sometimes our preferred flooring option is just not the best choice for our four-legged family members. Pet parents must consider durable floors that will outlast years of scratches, stains, and odors. From our team at Preferred Flooring, here are some of our suggestions, plus ways to keep your floors looking...
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    Plus carpet from Preferred Flooring, complete service flooring, flooring companies in my area Breese, Illinois (IL)

    Is Carpet Still in Style?

    Interior design trends come and go almost as quickly as fashion trends, and flooring options are not immune from this back and forth. If you are tackling a home renovation but unsure about whether to install carpet or hardwood, the design experts at Preferred Flooring are here to help you decide! The Rise and Fall...
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    Bruce Hardwood floors at Preferred Flooring, full service flooring, hardwood, laminate near Breese, Illinois (IL)

    Hardwood or Laminate, Which is Right for You

    Hardwood or Laminate: Which is Right for You? Tackling a new flooring project can feel intimidating, especially when it comes time to decide between hardwood or laminate flooring. Both materials provide a similar look, but they each offer different benefits. The first step in choosing the right material for your project is understanding the differe...